How One Man Broke the Cycle of Prison, Poverty and Addiction

There are several strategies Zen12 Review to help with changing gears, such as reading through the material and just grabbing the main points; discarding some of the material because it lacks value; and then re-reading is faster because focus is on the material that is needed. Remember to work at your own pace and limit your time for learning and practicing the new skills. There is a chapter with exercises for each step needed to build the skills needed to improve your reading, retention and recall.

Chapter Starting Today is designed to help you determine your current reading speed and comprehension. It provides an exercise which will quantitates your current abilities. Once your have established your current abilities you can move on to the next chapter on how to build your confidence. This chapter is designed to help you realize that you can immediately boost your reading speed and comprehension. It is followed by another exercise.

Next chapter focuses on stretching your ability to speed read words to reading phrases. The author provides an example of how to learn how to read phrases. This is then followed with an exercise. Then the book's material moves you from reading phrases to reading sentences. The author provides instructions on how to accomplish this skill. Again there is an exercise for you to develop this skill.


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How One Man Broke the Cycle of Prison, Poverty and Addiction
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