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Created topic  › Does Seminal Vesicle Congestion Cause Ejaculation Pain?

Normally, ejaculation is associated with pleasant sensation and doesn't cause pain. Ejaculation pain is mainly caused by organic lesions with the genital organs.

Paroxysmal pain of penis, urethra, perineum and scrotum may exist in some men after ejaculation. This pain is kno

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Created topic  › Shortened Menstrual Cycle and Increased Menstrual Volume may be Due to Endometriosis

If endometriosis reaches the bladder, frequent urination, pain and even hematuria will occur. If endometriosis reaches the intestinal tract, the patient will experience abdominal pain, diarrhea and even constipation.

And if endometriosis is compressed into the ureter, then the w

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Created topic  › Under what Circumstances do Pelvic Inflammation Patients need Hospitalization?

Most women have been treated in outpatient clinics over the past decade. The number of inpatients has steadily declined. The cost of PID per patient is about $2,000, equivalent to $1.5 billion per year.

It is noteworthy that doctors must consider pelvic inflammation in wome

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Created topic  › Hemospermia is usually a Benign Self-limiting Disease

The most frequent reason for hemospermia is prostate biopsy. More than 80% of males who underwent prostate biopsy developed hemospermia, which lasted with an average of 3 or 4 weeks.

The blood in seminal vesicle or ejaculatory vessel shows a high signal area on the T1-weighted s

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Created topic  › Principles for the Management of Mycoplasma Detection in Genitourinary Tract Mycoplasma doesn't have cell wall, Antibiotics that inhibit protein synthesis work against most mycoplasmas, but antibiotics of lactams and glycopeptides working on the cell wall are ineffective against mycoplasma.

Common control of genitourinary tract mycoplasma infection are:
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