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Created topic  › A couple of ideas from meRunning feels similar

Being one of the owners of the game I submitted my email to the link weeks ago and was excited to dive. Tonight, like most of you I have been diving next year in the beta seeking to have a feel for the changes. Wow, So distinct I'd like to tell you. Once my game was installed I decided to jump to

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Created topic  › Your account isnt wiped

Yesterday I noticed in my gmail my account password was reset. So I reset it back going only on the RuneScape site and it was no issue. I looked in the messages and status to test if there wasn't any bans or anything when it got botted and was clean. I logged back onto

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Created topic  › The deadline wasn't made by Many people

What started as one to two Horde guilds leaving turned into 22 of the top 25 Horde guilds all departing the host. This all occurred within 24 hours of 

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Created topic  › Only places id say MES is so questionable is bury option on bones

There is going to come a day where something must give and they will need to add something like a new ability, or"tier 80" items, or a brand new training way of 

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