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Created topic  › Kegel Workout for Prostatitis

Kegel physical exercise, also known as a pelvic workout, was published in 1948 by Dr. Arnold Kegel of the United States. It is conducted by repeated scaling of the pelvic muscle groups (also called the "Kegel muscle groups"). Kegel exercises are often used to minimize urinary incontinence, postpa

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Created topic  › Treating Prostatitis : Medicinal Paste

Generally, antibiotics are the main medicines for the management of prostatitis. In theory, anti-biotics are merely effective in extreme bacterial prostatitis and chronic microbial prostatitis. 

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Created topic  › Herbal Medicine and Chronic Prostatitis

According to statistics, chronic prostatitis accounts for about 25% of the adult male outpatients in urology, primarily in young adults aged 20-40. 

It points out that this core of its pathogenesis would be the deficiency of the original and the normal of the actual. Kidney insu

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