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Created topic  › Can Genital Herpes heal without any treatment?

Some genital herpes patients did not go to the regular hospital for examination and treatment, because the symptoms disappeared over time, so many people asked, genital herpes will heal itself?

In this regard, experts said that genital herpes in the absence of treatment, symptom

«  2019-03-20
Created topic  › How long is the Incubation Period of Non-gonococcal Urethritis?

About 50% of patients have symptoms such as urinary pain and urethral itching. The onset of gonorrhea is not as acute as that of gonorrhea. The symptoms are delayed, sometimes serious, but lighter than that of gonorrhea. 

Most of the cervical secretions are lobulated white

«  2019-03-20
Created topic  › Non-gonococcal Urethritis is harmful to women and it not easy to detect

Non-gonococcal urethritis poses a major threat to women's health, but it is not easy to detect. What's the matter? How to treat this disease? Let's take a look at the introduction below.

Why is non-gonococcal urethritis less common in women than in men? Cervical infe

«  2019-03-20
Created topic  › Avoiding these Four Points, the Prostate is safe natrurally.

Prostate enlargement is a disease that afflicts many men. It usually occurs in middle-aged people because there are many factors that induce it. This article will introduce the four major causes of prostate enlargement in detail.

1. Excessive pressure. For men, under high pressu

«  2019-03-19
Created topic  › What are the Treatment Options for Ejaculation Pain?

The urinary system and reproductive system are a whole, and each organ of the human body is a whole complementary relationship.If the inflammation of the urinary system is treated, the ejaculation pain of the reproductive system will disappear naturally. So what are the treatment options?

«  2019-03-19
Created topic  › Bad Emoutions also can lead to Ejaculation Pain

It is like sunshine, when a basin of cold water suddenly comes to people's minds and makes the quality of sexual life decline. Many men will encounter ejaculation pain when they reach the climax. What causes ejaculation pain? Is it related to mood and mentality?

Some people

«  2019-03-19
Created topic  › Symptoms and Causes of Ejaculation Pain

It is found that ejaculatory pain related to penile, urethral, perineal and lower abdominal pain during ejaculation. What are the symptoms of ejaculation pain? 

There are many reasons for ejaculation pain, among which the most common cause is male genitourinary tract i

«  2019-03-19
Created topic  › What are the Causes of Testicular Swelling and Pain?

Testicular swelling and pain is caused by orchitis, but how can a 22-year-old boy still be infected with testicular inflammation? What are the causes of testicular swelling and pain?

What are the causes of testicular swelling and pain?

1. Masturbation increases the chances of bacteria

«  2019-03-19

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