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Created topic  › That You Have To Anymore

I'd say reworks are kinda what

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Created topic  › The Visual Representation Of Power In The NBA

A three-point star such as Steph Curry as the cover athlete signifies that NBA 2K would need to have dribbling mechanisms and jump shooting from anywhere type abilities. Kawhi Leonard as the cover athlete could mean that lockdowns are an emphasis. There have been hints of who is going to be the c

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Created topic  › This For A Very Very Long Time

To see which games Sony has declared, follow our live blog that is PS5. This is where you can read that Sony has revealed so far now, from exclusive launch titles to experimental projects. There is also some more info about the DualSense control, and we know what the PS5 console will look like.2k

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Created topic  › It is simply absurd

The issue isn't people running a play every down. It is the cheese that is annoying. Stretch/Dive-Formations, Rollout Corners and 7/8-Man-Blitzes that just should not work at a"simulation game". The simulation argument is really a joke. Would be even more disappointed with a simulation. If y

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Created topic  › plan with Porzingis

The NBA has a soft cap at 109M. You may cover the cap only if you've got a players bird rights (there is a couple of exceptions but that is the largest one). "bird rights" are usually obtained when you have a guy under contract for numerous seasons. So I'll Attempt to describe with a real life ca

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Created topic  › 2k21 mt purchase the way 2K has juiced cards

You're a star, thank you and help. I think I am a little ratings person, even though I understand its not everything. Bonga and bamba are all great examples of that, so much fun to play even though they arent the highest rating. I havent played with an nba 2K for 4/5 years, so just getting back t

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Created topic  › RS gold but it did not have to be

It's announced on the day it is the product, no? There's no point to a item of the day. That is all talking about what happens daily. Many times, the richest players would be the ones who play the most. They'll be here probably each day when the item modifications to buy each of them out to sacri

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Created topic  › RuneScape gold​ for those reasons

Alot of people did although everyone did not quit. OSRS having nearly 3 times the participant numbers while being an extremely outdated game kind of talks for just how much people didn't like EOC and the MTX. RuneScape was huge and it is going to be a long time until it dies because of how invest

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Created topic  › RuneScape OSRS gold game

I then didn't even consider RuneScape

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