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Created topic  › Digital Media Doesn’t Work Well With Your Bathroom Magazine Rack

Magazines unfortunately, are going the route of the Newspaper. Disappearing from magazine racks, everywhere.   While I do read a tremendous amount of material online, for my money, there’s nothing like being able to holding, feeling and flipping back and forth, that a physical copy of a publi

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Created topic  › Serial Killers, What is America’s Perverse Fascination With Them?

I’ll admit, I don’t have the answer to that question, but read on for some truly chilling thoughts, facts and information about a weirdly popular subject if TV shows on the subject are any indication. Read more at

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Created topic  › OMG, I Take so Many Pills, Even Elvis Presley Would be Impressed! Read on…

Pills, pills, pills.  I just took stock of all the crap I take every day and up until this point, it never really hit me about the vast quantity of medicines and supplements I take.

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Created topic  › Why May 25th Is the Most Important Day of the Year?

Today is May 25th, seems like a pretty ordinary day, or is it?  Let’s explore.All I ask is that you give this day just a little more thought than it’s the unofficial start of Summer, and what time does the Bar B Que start?  Read @

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