We don’t want you, Twitter users tell R.Kelly as he allegedly plans African visit

By SnrMgr at 2019-01-16 • 0 collector • 216 pageviews

Some Africans have taken to Twitter to kick against singer, R.Kelly's alleged plan to escape to the continent following alleged sex crimes scandal.

Reports have it that 'Lean on me' singer has been facing criticism and possible music boycott for alleged sexual abuse which were detailed in a documentary. 

The documentary, 'Surviving R. Kelly' is a six-part series detailing sexual abuse allegations against R. Kelly in the U.S. It aired over three nights, from January 3rd to January 5th, 2019.

Featuring more than 50 interviews, the show unpacks the R & B singer's reported two-decade history of using money and fame to sexually abuse women, oftentimes young black girls.

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