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Infertility may be related to problem of the male Vas Deferens

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The World Health Organization predicts that nowadays, infertility can become the third largest disease after cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

According towards the latest survey of nearly 20,000 couples conducted with the family planning system in Guangdong Province recently, the incidence of female infertility among First-married couples of childbearing age in Guangdong Province is around 15%.

When it comes to fertility, most of the people immediately consider women and mothers. But the the fact is quite different. In half of cases, male infertility causes trouble for heterosexual couples. Men think it is more difficult to become fathers because sperm count is declining.

More and much more evidence has shown this over the years. A landmark study published in 2017 by Hebrew University of Jerusalem indicated that sperm counts in Western men dropped by a lot more than 50%, but there were no manifestation of such a decline.

According to steer author Dr. Hagai Levine, "Given the need for sperm counts for male potency and human health, this study is definitely an urgent wake-up demand researchers and health authorities worldwide to research what causes the sharp decline in sperm counts in order to prevent it."

Sperm tube obstruction could be the reason for a large number of male infertility. If the blockage is brought on by infection, there may be abnormal penile secretions using a bad smell.

Some cases also reported penile inflammation and discomfort during urination or ejaculation. The amount of ejaculation might also decrease when blocked.

In the past few years, with all the increasing incidence of sexually transmitted diseases, the incidence and harshness of genital tract inflammation including prostatitis, epididymitis, orchitis and urethritis have increased, seriously affecting virility.

Semen analysis and transrectal ultrasonography were performed to evaluate perhaps the sperm delivery system was blocked. These blockages may exist in the seminal vesicle or ejaculatory duct.

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