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Does Seminal Vesicle Congestion Cause Ejaculation Pain?

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Normally, ejaculation is associated with pleasant sensation and doesn't cause pain. Ejaculation pain is mainly caused by organic lesions with the genital organs.

Paroxysmal pain of penis, urethra, perineum and scrotum may exist in some men after ejaculation. This pain is known as ejaculation pain, mostly due to organic lesions of reproductive organs.

Of the 3700 sexually active men, 688 reported pain or discomfort during ejaculation, and 609 considered it a challenge. Patients with ejaculatory pain have an overabundance of trouble.

Seventy-5 percent of males with ejaculatory pain reported a decrease in ejaculation, and 91 percent thought it was a problem.

In contrast, among men without ejaculation discomfort, 57% reported erectile dysfunction, 79% of whom considered it a challenge, 56% reported decreased ejaculation, and 57% considered it a problem.

Twelve percent with the men within the ejaculation pain group reported a history of bladder infection, and 5 percent of the men within the ejaculation pain group reported naked hematuria.

Twenty percent of sexually active men complain of specific prostatitis-like ejaculation pain. For most people, the symptoms certainly are a significant issue.

Assessment and treatment strategies should address male symptoms in this population suggesting prostatitis and prostatic hyperplasia.

In a recently available analysis of cohort data from follow-up studies of medical researchers, about 16% of healthy men reported previous prostatitis, which overlaps with men who reported BPH.

Causes of pain after ejaculation

1. Frequent sexual life: Frequent sexual life often causes aseptic inflammation of vas deferens, seminal vesicles and urethral organs, producing congestion and edema of these organs. 

During ejaculation, the contraction of smooth muscle stimulates these hyperemic organs and results in pain.

Genital inflammation: Male lower bladder infection is the most frequent reason for ejaculation pain, they suffers from cystitis, urethritis and prostatitis.

During ejaculation, the muscles of the organs contract rhythmically, the industry mechanical stimulus to inflammation lesions, causing severe pain. Some patients also are afflicted by painful spermatorrhea.

Stones: Male urethral calculi are normal diseases, when small stones are embedded in the posterior urethra, especially within the opening with the ejaculatory duct.

During ejaculation, these parts contract and wriggle, squeezing stones and causing pain. If you will find stones inside the prostate or seminal vesicle, the contraction of these parts during ejaculation also can cause pain.

The the signs of prostatitis might also show some abnormal urination, including frequent urination, urethral burning, pain and so forth, which could radiate to the head with the penis. In the early morning, there is certainly mucus, mucus or pus secretion with the urethral orifice.

Natural herbal Dr.Lee Diuretics Pill may dredge bloodstream in and out of the gland, accelerate toxin metabolism, remove lipid accumulation in small blood vessels, and restore oxygen supply to the gland. After treatment, the prostatic body gradually shrinks, hyperplasia gradually disappears, and prostatic inflammation is eliminated.

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