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Shortened Menstrual Cycle and Increased Menstrual Volume may be Due to Endometriosis

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If endometriosis reaches the bladder, frequent urination, pain and even hematuria will occur. If endometriosis reaches the intestinal tract, the patient will experience abdominal pain, diarrhea and even constipation.

And if endometriosis is compressed into the ureter, then the waist of a woman will feel pain.

Endometriosis identifies functional endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity. This happens in as much as 15% of menstrual women, mostly inside the pelvis.

However, many experts have reported that endometrial implants exist in many unusual parts of the pelvis, like the abdominal wall. 

The latter may invade the uterine cavity after operation, including cesarean section, allowing endometrial tissue transplantation.

In a randomized controlled trial, women of childbearing age were included inside diagnosis of laparoscopic endometriosis and were weighed against placebos, traditional therapies, non-therapies and TCM.

Twenty-four studies were referred to as involving natural herbs within the treatments for endometriosis, including 100 participants, meeting each of the criteria for inclusion.

According to the outcomes of the study inside Guidelines for Clinical Research of New Chinese Medicine, the evidence to prove the effectiveness of herbal medicine inside treatments for endometriosis pain is bound.

Herbal medicine has significant advantages in alleviating symptoms associated with chronic diseases like endometriosis, which is also beneficial towards the treating acute diseases such as acute stroke or endometriosis.

For example,plant herbal remedy including Fuyan Pill is high recommended among endometriosis patients. It won't does any harm to the body as a result of surgical procedure, since it is added or subtracted formula, and it won't produce drug resistance.

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