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Three Nursing Points of Prostatitis

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As an endocrine gland, the hormone secreted by the prostate is known as prostaglandin. The bad habits of patients make prostatitis a challenge to recover. 

1. Avoid unreasonable living habits. Unreasonable living habits are common reasons behind prostatitis, resulting in secondary attacks of the disease.

Therefore, it is best to avoid sedentary, alcoholic, smoking, voiding habits, develop good habits can not only stop the recurrence of prostatitis, but in addition enhance fitness and health and prevent the occurrence of other diseases.

2. Strengthen psychological counseling and strengthen healing confidence. Because of insufficient knowledge of prostatitis, prostatitis patients tend to be combined with psychoneurological symptoms. 

The treatment process of prostatitis is long and challenging to cure. It also brings great pressure to patients and means they are lose confidence in treatment.

Due to the unclean sexual activity infection or masturbation, there are often psychological barriers. 

Therefore, the management of prostatitis patients should look closely at their psychological counseling and treatment, encourage patients to face the reality and actively cooperate with treatment.

3. Eliminate pathogens soon enough. Prostatitis can be due to inflammation in other organs from the body, such as redundant prepuce, scrotal inflammation, etc.

These inflammation can be another standard reason for recurrent and refractory 

prostatitis. Therefore, for patients with prostatitis due to other diseases, the correct treatment ought to be come to eliminate these pathogens.

In addition towards the adjustment of living habits and psychological confidence therapy, for the third type of prostate prone to seminal vesicle inflammation, orchitis and so on, we can mainly carry out anti-inflammatory bactericidal treatment.

Some diseases develop into chronic inflammation, in this case we will need TCM remedy to regulate and improve the body's immunity. Dr.Lee Diuretics Pill is composed of Plantain Seeds, Dandelion, Houttuynia and so on. These herbs have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects and will eradicate chronic prostatitis.

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