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What is the Relationship between Cold and Prostatitis?

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Many prostatitis patients have signs of cold and fever before they go to the doctor's office, so doctors often ask if they have a cold or fever. So, what is the relationship between cold and prostatitis?

A cold usually won't cause prostatitis. But if there's prostatitis itself, the cold will reduce immunity and cause worsening the signs of prostatitis, nausea can cause prostatitis, the the signs of acute prostatitis are systemic pain and fever.

Upper respiratory tract infection, also called common cold, can be a general term for acute inflammation with the nasal cavity, pharynx or larynx.

Generalized upper respiratory tract infection is not a disease diagnosis, but a gaggle of diseases, such as common cold, viral pharyngitis, laryngitis, herpes angina, pharyngeal conjunctival fever, bacterial pharyngotonsillitis.

Narrow a sense upper respiratory tract infection, also referred to as common cold, is among the most common acute respiratory tract infectious disease, mostly self-limiting, however the incidence is higher.

How to effectively prevent colds and prostatitis?

Firstly, male friends should maintain good living habits and keep drinking water properly each day, that's extremely good to our bodies and plays an important role in preventing prostatitis.

Secondly, diseases need early treatment, many diseases will bring about the decline of human immunity, thus triggering the occurrence of prostatitis. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill could be taken up enhance our bodies's autoimmunity, plant herbs, good permeability, eliminate bacteria within the urethra and respiratory tract, and lastly eradicate prostatitis.

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