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Prostatodynia will affect the Quality of Semen and Cause Infertility

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Experts say that prostate pain is one of the main symptoms of prostate disease, and we should not underestimate these symptoms. In serious cases, it can be a disaster for men.

Influencing psychology. Patients tend to be accompanied by emotional tension and instability, and sometimes have abnormal sexual psychology and serious anxiety, which greatly affects the typical work and life of men.

Urinary discomfort. In the morning, mucus and pus are secreted at the urethral orifice, and the urine is cloudy or bleached after urination. Frequent urination and burning pain with the urethra can radiate to the head in the penis. 

In severe cases, hematuria and dysuria or retention of urine may occur at the finish of urination.

Painful ejaculation. Patients can have pain and discomfort mainly in perineum, groin, testis, lumbosacral, lower abdomen and pubic arch, and penis and urethra will be more prominent.

Cause infertility. Prostate fluid is secreted by the prostate, and prostatic fluid is a component of semen. Therefore, if the male prostate reflects the problem and produces prostate pain, it will affect the quality of semen and cause infertility.

Usually, patients can be significantly aggravated by ejaculation, urination and defecation, or even some patients with ejaculatory pain, causing great harm to men.

For this condition, treatment with Harnal or another Alpha-1 adrenergic receptor could help solve urinate problems. To eliminate this due to prostatodynia, the nerve and muscle should be regulated.  

TCM strategy to this condition is aiming at promoting Qi and blood flow to release pain. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill boasts its effect on prostatodynia.

In fact, herbal medicine contains the function of doing away with heat and detoxification, however it is not its main effect. It is mainly effective for that defense mechanisms. So if you take herbs, you'll be completely cured in less than one to three months.

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