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Two main causes of Acute Epididymitis and different Treatments

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Acute epididymitis is a common male disease with a high incidence, which has attracted wide attention in modern medical circles. Especially in the case of not completely cured, it will lead to chronic epididymitis and increase the difficulty of treatment.

The common symptom of acute epididymitis is abdominal pain, along with the most frequent may be the location of the groin.

In fact, treating acute stage is simple, simply have a anti-bacterial and anti- inflammatory strategy for the reason for disease. There include many pathogenic factors leading to acute epididymitis:

(1) Bacterial infection. In many cases, epididymitis is a result of retrograde entry of  pathogens from your urethra in the epididymis. This is the most popular one inch clinical practice. The treatment process is principally to deal with urethral diseases.

(2) If guys have disordered sexual life or neglect reproductive health care, epididymitis will also occur, it brought on by this condition is typical in recent times.

Antibiotics for acute epididymitis may have a certain mitigation effect, it has quick effect, but when long-time going for a large amount of doses will at risk of drug resistance, resulting in repeated attacks and translate into chronic epididymitis, this will be the time to take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

Dr. Lee adds or subtracts prescriptions according to the patient's condition. Different symptoms is going to be customized exclusively. They will not produce side effects. They will not be resistance against drugs for years. They can cure orchitis and chronic orchitis thoroughly.

In the treatment process, we also need to pay attention to personal diet health, keep on a light diet, eat more vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits. In addition, we should also pay attention to maintaining a normal mentality.

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