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Symptoms and Prevention of Sexual Infection Diseases in Women

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How long is the incubation period? After having sex with patients who have STDs, infection symptoms do not necessarily occur immediately.

This period is called incubation period. Clinical statistics found that the incubation period of each disease is 1-3 weeks for non-gonorrhea urethritis.

What are the symptoms of STDs in women? 

1. Leucorrhea abnormality. When women suffer from gonorrhea, there will be increased leucorrhea. Leucorrhea is yellow or green and purulent. Sometimes it will be accompanied by frequent urination, urinary pain and urinary incomplete symptoms.

2. Bubbles appear in the vulva. The presence of blisters in the female vulva suggests that they may suffer from genital herpes. The main symptoms are sporadic blisters or condyloma acuminatum in the female vulva. 

How to prevent STDs?

1. Sexual hygiene. When having sex, you can try to wear condoms, not only for contraception, but also to prevent STDs. Do not use some abnormal sexual life style, such as oral sex, which is easy to bring oral bacteria into the male genitals, thus infecting women, forming a vicious circle.

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene. Women must not have sex during menstruation, otherwise bacteria and inflammation can easily invade the body, do a good job of cleaning the family, frequent drying quilt, underwear and underwear to be cleaned separately.

3. The natural plant formula Fuyan Pill can prevent and treat sexually transmitted diseases. The prescription ingredients are plants from nature. The penetration of drugs is better. 

In addition to anti-inflammation and sterilization, the blisters disappear naturally and vaginal secretions become transparent. The main purpose of the treatment is to achieve a radical cure through one to three months of chronic treatment.

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