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How to treat excessive menstruation?

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In daily life, excessive menstruation has brought great troubles to women, and during the period of menstruation, most patients will have some symptoms of menstrual pain, which has brought great trouble to their work and life. Some women have a lot of menstruation, even like their own urination. So what's the reason for excessive menstruation? Let's take a look at the relevant introduction.


Reasons for excessive menstruation

Cause 1. Inflammation causes excessive menstruation


Inflammation of the reproductive organs may lead to excessive menstruation. Because inflammation can make local blood vessels vulnerable, not easy to coagulate during menstruation , leading to more menstruation and prolonged menstruation.


Cause 2. Endometriosis can cause excessive menstruation


Ovarian endometriosis, adenomyosis will appear symptoms of menstrual disorders: excessive menstrual volume, prolonged menstruation, premenstrual drip bleeding, secondary dysmenorrhea and so on.


Cause 3. Abnormal coagulation system leads to increased menstruation


Excessive menstruation may also be a sign of blood disease. Because menstruation is regulated by its own coagulation system just like other bleeding phenomena. Therefore, once the coagulation system is abnormal, it will lead to increased menstruation.


Menstruation increased patients should pay attention to self-cultivation, eliminate fear, avoid unhealthy stimulation, build up confidence to overcome disease, maintain happy mood and optimistic mood; pay attention to menstrual hygiene, keep vulva clean, prevent infection; eat less spicy and stimulating food, increase protein intake, eat more poultry, eggs, milk, animal liver and kidney, fish, bean products. To enhance physical fitness and ensure the normal operation of menstruation.


Patients with menorrhagia can also be treated with drugs, such as Fuyan pills, Fuyan pills is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of endometriosis, tubal obstruction, hydrosalpinx and other gynecological diseases. The pill is made of Chinese herbal medicine. It is safe and effective with no side effects. Fuyan pill is a traditional but effective natural medicine for treating inflammation of female reproductive system and various gynecological diseases. It has the functions of anti-inflammation, sterilization, and activating blood circulation. In a word, Fuyan pill is a long-term satisfactory solution for treating endometriosis, fallopian tube obstruction and other gynecological diseases.


Menorrhagia can cause some kinds of gynecological diseases. The amount of menstruation is closely related to their health. If women have too much menstruation, they may have health problems. We need to pay attention to this situation. If you have regular excessive menstruation, it is recommended to rest more and keep fit is the most important thing.


Beware of Two Gynecological Diseases

1. Hysteromyoma

Most patients with uterine leiomyoma have no symptoms. If there are symptoms, uterine bleeding is the main symptom, more than half of the patients will appear. Among them, periodic bleeding is the most common manifestation, which can be characterized by increased menstrual volume, prolonged menstruation or shortened cycle, or irregular vaginal bleeding without menstrual cycle.


2. Endometriosis

If endometriosis patients have menorrhagia or cycle disorders, it may be that the condition has affected the ovarian function of women. In addition to menorrhea, endometriosis patients often have dysmenorrhea, and analgesics are ineffective and pain relieves after menstruation.


Through the introduction of the text above, we have a clear understanding of the causes of women's excessive menstruation, we should pay attention to menstrual hygiene in peacetime, keep the vulva clean and prevent infection; eat less spicy and stimulating food in peacetime, increase protein intake, eat more poultry, eggs, milk, animal liver and kidney, fish, soybean products, etc., in order to enhance physical fitness and ensure the normal operation of menstruation.


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