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Bad Emoutions also can lead to Ejaculation Pain

By merrina_jay at 2019-03-19 • 0 collector • 33 pageviews

It is like sunshine, when a basin of cold water suddenly comes to people's minds and makes the quality of sexual life decline. Many men will encounter ejaculation pain when they reach the climax. What causes ejaculation pain? Is it related to mood and mentality?

Some people are more emotional fluctuation, anger or depression, resulting in people's qi, blood, tendons and collaterals are not smooth, especially the liver meridian stasis.

TCM formula believes that testis is the liver meridian along the site, if the emotional fluctuation is large, resulting in liver meridian stasis, will also cause ejaculation pain.

According to market analysis, people around us can see that those who are always joking, humorous and energetic, most of them have a healthy body index.

People with red face, transparent and charming face, good color, loud voice and pleasant mood will have a higher happiness index than normal people.

So emotions have a certain impact on ejaculation to a certain extent, people's concentration of thinking, ejaculation will be smoother, if emotions are not good, attention is not focused, ejaculation will slowly appear obstacles, coupled with the invasion of inflammation, ejaculation pain is natural occure.

In addition to adjusting the mentality, maintaining a good mood, avoiding excessive alcohol abuse, inflammation or reproductive and urinary system diseases, should be treated as soon as possible to avoid ejaculation pain.

TCM formula believes that if the liver and Qi are smooth, the mood will be better and life will be more harmonious. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills can soothe the liver and Qi.

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