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Different types of Orchitis and their Treatment Measures

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When a man has high fever, chills, testicular pain, and radiation pain in the scrotum, thigh root and inguinal area, accompanied by testicular swelling and tenderness, if purulent, there is a feeling of fluctuation of pus on the touch, or there is redness of the scrotal skin and hydrocele in the scrotum, these symptoms indicate that orchitis is committed. (What are symptoms of Orchits)

Orchitis is a common male reproductive organ disease, which can easily lead to male infertility. Bacteria retrograde through the vas deferens, which is related to Escherichia coli and unclean sexual life. 

Below to introduce you the different types of orchitis, with corrisponding treatment methods.

What are the types of orchitis?

1. Acute nonspecific orchitis. Acute nonspecific orchitis mostly occurs in patients with urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia after resection and long-term indwelling catheter. 

A few cases of orchitis, after cure, can cause testicular atrophy and affect fertility due to fibrosis and damage of seminiferous tubules.

2. Chronic nonspecific orchitis. Bilateral chronic orchitis often causes infertility, and the treatment is mainly aimed at the etiology of chronic orchitis.

3. Mumps orchitis. (1) Antibiotics are ineffective for this disease, and symptomatic treatment is the main method. 

(2) The use of corticosteroids has a definite curative effect on convalescent patients. 

(3) Low spermatic cord occlusion with 1% lidocaine can improve testicular blood flow and protect spermatogenic function.

(4) IFN not only has a good effect on acute parotitis orchitis but also has an obvious effect on preventing testicular atrophy.

If acute orchitis has not been thoroughly cured and turned into chronic orchitis, causing other complications, the course of the disease is longer and repeatedly recurrent, you can consider the choice of TCM formula such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills, etc.

The use of natural herbal medicine such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills can completely achieve non-drug resistance, harmlessness to the body, long-term use, clearing heat and detoxifying, eliminating inflammation, enhancing the body's self-immunity, and promoting blood circulation. 

To eliminate redness, swelling and abnormal mass, radical orchitis and related inflammation in about 1 to 3 months.

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