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What’s the different symptoms between acute and Chronic Gonorrhea?

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Gonorrhea symptoms are also different according to gender differences, clinical gonorrhea is divided into acute and chronic gonorrhea. And what’s the different symptoms between acute and Chronic Gonorrhea?

Acute gonorrhea symptoms  1. Women with acute gonorrhea symptoms: the symptoms begin to be mild or asymptomatic after been infected.Seventy percent of female gonorrhea patients have a urethral infection, gonorrhea cervicitis is common, and often occurs simultaneously with urethritis.

A man with acute gonorrhea symptoms: the incubation period of the disease is generally 2-10 days, with an average of 2-5 days. the urethral symptoms of orifice itches, redness and valgus at the beginning, accompanied by burning pain and frequent urination during urination.

The urinary tract can be seen with dripping silk or blood, and the urethral orifice can be stabbed in the morning. It is accompanied by systemic symptoms of varying degrees.

Chronic gonorrhea symptoms. Female chronic gonorrhea symptoms: Acute gonorrhea can be converted to chronic if not adequately treated. The symptoms were abdominal distention, backache, leucorrhea and so on.

Gonorrhea is treated with a penicillin injection. However, when new gonorrhea strains emerge, antibiotic treatment is sometimes ineffective.

Natural therapy for Gonorrheas such as Fuyan Pill and Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure the infection and its complications within 1-3 months.

Like food, natural herbs have no side effects on the body and can be taken for a long time. It can kill inflammation, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, diuresis and drenching, regulate qi and relieve constipation,and make secretions normal. According to clinical data of clinics, symptoms often improve after one month of drug treatment and can be cured in about three months.

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