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PVC Roofing in West Columbia

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PVC Roofing in West Columbia

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, a type of plastic formed through a gaseous reaction of ethylene with oxygen and hydro-caloric acid. As aroofing material, the plasticized attributes help lend it a strength that can help make the roof more durable and lower maintenance than similar materials.

PVC roofs come in two general types. One is primarily used on flat roofs, while the other is used on conservatories.

Like most materials used on flat roofing, PVC comes in a membrane form. This membrane is rolled out onto the roof and adhered to the deck either with adhesives or nails. The addition of the plastics to the membrane helps to make it impervious to punctures and rips that sometimes plague other types of flat roofs. It is also chemical resistant and fairly low maintenance.

PVC conservatory roofs are relatively new. Conservatory roofs were originally made up of at least 74% glass, but recent laws have changed that allow them to be covered with a widevariety of different materials

. Because of the structure of the conservatory, however – at least 50% glass – the roof needs to be fairly lightweight in order to be supported without affecting the structure.

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