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Dr. Paul J Olsovsky : Things You Can Do to Prevent Loss of Vision

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Dr. Paul J Olsovsky is a known optometrist, who is associated with many hospitals located in Eugene. He got an experience of 26 years in the field of optometry. He likes to offer their services for free to the poor and the needy people of his country.

Being an optometrist, he says that the eyes are the highly exposed organs of the body and often it is subjected to sunlight, allergens in the environment, sports injuries and chemicals that are present in the workplace. All of these things and situations can possibly hurt your eyes. Sometimes, it can cause temporary loss of vision as well.

Thus, in order to avoid any of these from happening, he has given some of the things that play an important role in preventing the loss of vision, which are given below:-

·         In order to protect your eyes from the UV rays coming from the sun, he suggested to make use sunglasses as this will prevent your eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun.

·         Accidents and injuries can happen anywhere says Dr. Paul Olsovsky, OD. For instance, whenever someone is doing some woodworking and metal crafting then flying debris can easily enter the eyes of that person if he is not using any eye protection. Thus, wearing an eye protection device is necessary, when doing any of the above mentioned work.

·         When playing field sports such as baseball, hockey and football, it is important to wear safety helmets in order to avoid being hit by the ball directly in the eyes.

Dr. Paul J Olsovsky, OD further says that making a regular visit to the eye doctor should be done at least once or twice a year as it will help in protecting your eyes.  He further added that when a person is feeling any signs of changes in his vision, then it is recommended that he must visit the doctor immediately in order to treat the disease as soon as possible.

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