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Creating an with Ladies Cardigans

By katrina at 2019-02-20 • 0 collector • 19 pageviews

We all know that autumn weather can be variable; a day that starts off looking warm and sunny can quickly become damp and chilly, and vice versa. This can present something of a dilemma when it comes to choosing what to wear for the day. You don't want to find yourself freezing in just a light summer dress or a t-shirt, but nor do you wish to find yourself sweltering during an unanticipated warm spell. Investing in some stylish women’s cardigans is a great way to create a versatile layered effect that you can easily adapt to any changes in the weather.

The best ladies cardigans go almost with everything and because they're generally made from warm but lightweight material, it's easy to take them off and carry them around in warmer temperatures. They also look great tied around your waist if you're wearing a casual outfit. Much more convenient than dragging around a heavy winter coat!

Not only are cardigans practical, but they're also very on trend this season, thanks to the current vogue for the 30s and 40s-inspired fashion. Try wearing a front-buttoned cardigan over a pencil skirt or knee-length Jersey dress with classic court shoes for a fabulously retro-chic look. Stick to understated colours such as grey, white and deep reds and blues, and consider accessorizing with a beaded necklace and some earrings.

For a more casual look, women’s cardigans also work well with a t-shirt and jeans, or a long women's top. You can choose either long or short-sleeved depending on what works best with your outfit. When shopping, remember that they're supposed to be loose-fitting and comfortable. Not only does this mean you can wear them over almost anything without difficulty, but they can also skim over your hips and flatter your figure.

A number of retailers are debuting their autumn/winter collections over the coming weeks, and many will be running special offers and sales as well. So there's never been a better time to enjoy some retail therapy! If you find that you often struggle to find a wide range of attractive women’s cardigans in your size, don't forget to check out the online shopping catalogues. They often stock a wider selection than you can find at the high street, generally at more attractive prices. Many women prefer the 'try before you buy' approach to clothes shopping, so most leading online catalogues now offer easy, free return policies in case your choice of cardigan fails to live up to expectations!

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