Best Monocular for Stargazing in 2020: A Complete Review

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If you have made it this far into the reviews then you must be serious about your purchasing decision.

Now that we have covered the quick collection of products, let's break down each of them to see why they have been chosen.

In this section we will cover the pro's and con's of each and provide you some ideas of who every item is most suitable for.

The Gosky 12x5 is a high magnification and powerful monocular.  It has exceptional affordability and comes with a premium 55mm lens.  The monocular generates a comprehensive and detailed picture of this landscape. 

The monocular will definitely bring the faraway objects close to your eyes and let you observe them readily.   It is compact and portable best monocular

You can take it with you on hiking, hunting, climbing, concerts, seeing wildlife or stargazing.  The highly effective monocular promises to offer a bright, clear, and focused picture to its customers.  This size is ideal, and you won't get tired.  It includes long relief eye-cups.  Which allows you to watch for longer without hurting your eyes. 

The smartphone clip on the monocular is easy to use and helps you capture images and capture videos easily.  The eye-cup is flexible; it functions nicely with people who use prescription glasses.





Fog proof


High magnification

Smartphone holder

Sturdy rubber body

Adjustable eye-cup

Easy to use


The adapter can get loose

RIVMOUNT Monocular Telescope

RIVMOUNT Monocular Telescope

The RIVMOUNT monocular includes strong and high magnification.  It's compact and portable.  You can take it on trips like hiking, climbing, stargazing, hunting, wildlife, and landscape watching.  The 10x magnification brings the faraway stars near your eyes. 

It generates focused and detailed images.  The 42mm objective lens allows enough light to the monocular and offers a bright image.  The best thing about this monocular is it has HD quality vision.  The BAK-4 prisms and fully coated lens supply a premium picture.  Additionally, it keeps your eyes protected from harmful radiation. 

The frame is sturdy yet lightweight.  It is portable and compact.  Your hand will not get tired of carrying out the monocular.  The entire body of the monocular is coated with armor rubber.  

It comes with a wrist strap for your comfort.  The exceptional accuracy and meeting of this monocular is balanced.  It is waterproof, dust-repellent, and best for outside.  The monocular comes with a universal smartphone adapter.

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