I actually enjoyed the abilities

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I actually enjoyed the abilities we had earlier Mut 21 coins. The turning point for me was two things: after RBs achieved QBs and jukebox unlocked escape artist. I've played Madden for years and could not believe they added skills. Do not get me wrong, I need the best players in game to feel and perform with different. However, when you can roll out at 99 rate and stamina, then playmaker your WR onto a comeback over and over while mixing in stretch with lineman the match has become lost. I really hope they toned down the abilities this year, I love football and adore supreme group but damn, I've never quit MUT early In the year such as Madden NFL 20.

These guys are so full of crap, so the Twitch stream yesterday about all of the"new" things in Madden NFL 21 was nothing but them yanking on the back after they dropped us like hot stones back in April. It is a shame b/c Madden could be something fantastic, but EA doesn't give two turds about their customer base. They make this significant statement that they heard the neighborhood about the problems with franchise mode, but it shouldn't have come to that b/c the franchise community has been upset about the stuff for ages.

I honestly hope they improve the match for the community, however I refuse to provide EA another penny. In reality, my whole family including my son, my brother and three nephews have decided to boycott EA and from what nephews and my son explained, they have friends that are currently doing the same. More people follow suit b/c the only way EA will change their ways is if we strike on them we are it hurts, the gain margin. Peace out this neighborhood is amazing and we deserve better.You can follow the progression of your players; when PUs came out it thought that it was cool and anyone may have any player that they actually wanted. Recall most of us would have to accept the fact we wouldn't receive the player that high and when value card would come out or wait until game. I wish it would go back to chems on players. You had to make concessions and compromise to deserve the chem boost. You needed to tweak your own team 8 times to finish. The game behind the game was much more persuasive.

The dilemma is that EA will never come near making like they do in actual life players perform. And whats worse is that EA will not give the time it needs to buy Madden nfl 21 coins gameplay. That is why speed is essential. It's one. One thing is not all motif. Teams such as the 49ers and Steelers TT are basically god squads. But a team like Dolphins and the Cardinals are gonna have a hard time competing. I do concur with that using a TT kind of turns MUT into regs but I'd rather I have the choice.

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