The characteristics of cross shaft universal coupling

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The allowable speed range of the cross-shaft U-Joint With Slotted Bearings is based on the allowable linear speed of different materials of the universal joint and it is difficult to adjust the alignment of the two shafts and reduce the torsional vibration stress of the shaft section.

It can absorb and reduce the fluctuation of the output torque of the diesel engine. For the diesel engine power unit equipped with a reduction gear box, it can reduce the impact on the gear surface when the variable torque is changed. Choose a coupling that is durable and easy to replace the wearing parts. .

Metal elastic element flexible couplings generally have a longer service life than non-metal elastic element flexible couplings. The need for sealing and lubrication and the use of undurable cross-shaft universal couplings will inevitably increase the maintenance workload. For occasions with long-term continuous operation and high economic benefits, developed countries in the world have generally selected diaphragm couplings with long service life and no lubrication and maintenance to replace drum gear couplings, which not only improves economic benefits, but also It can also purify the working environment.

It has good damping and vibration reduction characteristics, which can absorb part of the vibration energy, reduce the vibration amplitude when passing through the vibration point, and extend the service life of U-Joint With 4 Wing Bearings.

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