What are a few rare but good assembles in 2k21?​

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Quick draw NBA 2K21 VC is a MUST have is it? I guess it just depends. I use merely although quickdraw. Anything is just too much for me. And once you have Deadeye on HoF does it really matter how fast you receive off the ball? 99% of their time? Grab and take is in the exact same boat. Deadeye, hot zone hunter, Volume shot and range extender are the MUST HAVE shooting badges in my personal opinion. I don't run intimidator either but I had 5 upgrades available so I place them.

Goodbye to my beloved badge

It shouldn't have been a badge. This jumpshot's speed should have been at the creator like every other calendar year. Because there's no more badge, I expect they're gonna correct the bug for the next year in which you equip a custom jumpshot, it automatically unequips after every game, thats the reason I did not use a custom one this year. You can fix it (or at least try). You need to purchase the base the shot that is created is based from which will stop unequipping. It's somewhat late in NBA 2K21 though and it did work for me. Tried this and many different procedures, nothing appeared to work for me, but fortunately Jumpshot 98 with HoF Quick Draw on a top 3pt rating and Ray Allen using Silver Quick Draw on low 3pt evaluation was working good for me I hadn't any interested this year in getting a custom.

My controller settings alter themselves every day too. I have a PF that does not shoot so that I use Real Player%, therefore I do not fuck up layups but nearly everyday I have to select that setting because my preferences switch back to default. It would not help, it would make it worse, that is why I asked. I would want to make my Green % higher, not lower and it made sense that a quicker shot would likewise have. I thought that this was a response.

No, you can not green with Real Player% at all but if you're shooting layups, close shots and post-hooks you do not need greens, they're very large percentage shots with no. Layups are sometimes difficult to time plus Late/Early releases will force you to skip far more layups than you'd miss otherwise, therefore using Real Player% is best for layups. On my character with quite high driving layup, close shot and post-hook, I get 90+ FG% every game with Real Player%, even have a couple 100% FG 60+ Point games.

On my personalities that take, however, of course I use the lever since anything which isn't right next to the basket it's really important in order to Green. I set my Meter to"Shots Only" on them, however, because Real Playerpercent remains better for layups. You don't want to miss a layup which should've been a certain thing because you mis-timed the discharge and also Real Player percent you never will (as long as Cheap NBA 2K21 MT you do not have horrible driving layup).

What are a few rare but good assembles in 2k20?

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