Is RS3 more?

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I have trained my account and have had it since OS release, and the account remains about the highscores. My OS and OSRS gold log in were exactly the exact same and about the same email. I thought maybe its possible they transfered it across emails if thats possible. But my password reset remains on my email address once I do the forgot password on my first account. So its like that they picked up my account just like a lego block and misplaced it. My password resets are good to my email along with account, but if I log into im back at tutorial island. Youre logging in with the accounts mate. You may of not realized you're using a diff acc maybe or something im not certain, but when its on HS nevertheless then it means its active.

Is RS3 more?

For the past few days I've begun to watch more and more RuneScape movies on Youtube. You understand how Youtube's algorithm works. Watch 1 thing and it recommends increasingly more similar things, at least attempts. I have nothing against OSRS, play anything you like provided that you feel like you enjoy the time. However I have yet to stumble upon a video that goes into RS3 botting problems. On the other hand I've seen at least 20 videos of OSRS bot farms, exploits or whatever mass profit opportunities these cheaters come up with. Can this algorithm simply playing me is OSRS more vulnerable and complete devalues any legit player action in RuneScape?

Both games certainly have bot issues but they are definitely more notable in OSRS. The spiders in RS3 tend to be a lot easier to not detect as they're farming available to all content that isn't part of the meta versus OSRS ones being in more regularly used areas. Overall I'd say RS3 has kinda the degree of bots you would expect for an MMORPG - they are there, you can detect them but RuneScape is not overrun. OSRS is surely tipping the scale being run as the older engine severly limits their bot detection possible to silently deal with bots automatically behind the scenes. Its why the"which sport is much more popular" arguements between buff boys who emphasise that the opposing variant always go round and RuneScape gold buy around in circles.

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