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How TCM Views on Chronic Prostatitis

By vivian99eyao at 2019-02-02 • 0 collector • 54 pageviews

Chronic Prostatitis is a normal disease of urology, it describes chronic inflammation of prostate tissue resulted by various causes. It is common among middle-aged males. 

Prostatitis is named baizhuo by TCM, or spermaturia, describes the white discharge beyond urethral opening on or after an urination of the patients, sometimes accompanied by urinary pain and discomfort. 

It states in ancient TCM masterwork of The Yellow Emperor's Canon, "Five Strains Harm: excessive gaze harms with blood, excessive lying harms with Qi, excessive seating harms with flesh, excessive walking harms with veins, the so-called Five Strains Harm." 

Among them, the "excessive seating harms with flesh" is closed related to chronic prostatitis, that is because flesh is dominant by spleen, only proper exercise come up with a healthy and vigorous spleen, as well as a moderately developed muscle. If sitting still with no movement for very long, the spleen would function abnormally to cause deficiencies in nourishment to flesh and muscles.

Prostatitis won't come for no reason, it's closely related to your unhealthy life habits, neither excessive seating, standing or lying is good life habit, they can get prostate to an abnormal state. When circulation of blood be hindered, it will cause pudendum congestion for men such as prostatic congestion, swelling, and inflammation, as the time goes, it could develops into chronic prostatitis.

For the aged patients, it is called spleen and kidney deficiency. Qi stagnation and blood stasis is among the most common case. It is noted being a lasting illness, may last for as long as decades, the patients suffer from the fall-swell and discomfort on the lower abdomen, perineum and testis parts. It can cause pain, blood in urine, hematospermia, etc, or dark-purple tougue, silt points, thin white or yellow coating on the tongue, pulse condition might be sinking and unsmooth.

The treatment should invigorate blood circulation, scatter stasis, promote Qi circulation as well as reducing pain, and Prostate Medicament is mandatory as prescription. The ingredients include: Salvia miltiorrhiza 10 grams, herba lycopi 10 grams, radix paeoniae rubra 10 grams, Peach kernel 10 grams, safflower carthamus 4.5 grams, Cowherb seed 10 grams, pericarpium citri reticulatae viride 6 grams, szechwan Chinaberry fruit 6 grams, fennel 3 grams, angelica dahurica 6 grams, patrinia 20 grams, dandelion 20 grams. Stewed in water, drink the herbal tea twice a day, and repeat this everday.

Of course it is troublesome to decocate that many herbs on a day-to-day basis, so one can just take the natural herbal pills such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills.

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