Sleepsack material–fleece or cotton?

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The material of the sleepsack is also an important factor to take into account.


All sleepsack materials are designed to be breathable and draw off moisture to prevent overheating. However, the materials differ based on their thermal effectiveness or insulation.

Cotton fabric tends to be more breathable and lighter compared to fleece. This means that on a chilly night, your baby may feel colder in a cotton sleepsack and warmer in a fleece one. Hence, a cotton sleepsack would need more layering to ensure the baby is warm and cozy.

In one of the parenting forums, a mom stated;

“My son cannot wear any fleece because he would boil in it but he is perfectly okay in a cotton sleeping bag”.


However, when it comes to layering, you must consider the temperature in the nursery. This will help to prevent overdressing the baby or underdressing him.

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