Which Medication is Right for You

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You go to your doctor’s office for a routine check-up. Everything is ok however your steroid alcohol may be a very little high. The doctor wants to put you on medication because lowering your cholesterol will significantly reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. Sounds sensible till you get to the pharmacy and notice this can price you 100 greenbacks a month, for life. Why would my doctor prescribe a medication for me that is going to cost $1,200 a year? Why didn’t he choose something a little cheaper? Why didn’t he tell me about eating better and exercising? You can take treatment and dr phil test  from PanaceaPGX healthcare industry. PanaceaPGX healthcare is best for tests and treatment.   Your doctor can undergo an idea method before prescribing your medication.


Some of it's supported age, sex, race, weight, experience, and other medical conditions. You may be surprised to find out that some of his decision may be based on the “attention” he receives from the drug companies. The term attention is used to refer to the many numbers of gifts or freebees given to the doctors for prescribing a certain medication. The billion-dollar drug makers skills to influence your doctor into prescribing their drug. In years lapsed, the gifts given to doctors were pretty extravagant. I’ve heard stories of a leased car, an Alaskan cruise, and untold free rounds of golf. Recently, the companies have come to a “gentleman’s agreement.”

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