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Prostatitis Patients Should Not “Drink More Water”

By vivian99eyao at 2019-01-30 • 0 collector • 36 pageviews

Nowadays, "drinking water could be more beautiful", "drinking water can moist the stomach so keep yourself hydrated". But TCM does not have this time of view. Too much comsuption of water isn't necessarily good for the fitness of our body, and it is not necessarily good for the patients of prostatitis.

1: Looking at the tongue for that differentiation in the body fluid:

TCM understands the importance to watch, smell, ask, and feel the pulse as four clinical examinations, which can even be diagnosed from the liquid. The tongue is red along with the coating is yin deficiency, the tongue coating of red and yellow could be the yin deficiency and febrile symptoms, and also the Yin-deficiency people like to stay hydrated (for example diabetes patients). 

This is a self-adjusting phenomenon; patients with heavy bleeding can have blood deficiency and yin deficiency, and patients with thirst stay hydrated in order to save themselves; hot summer heat causes internal heat to raise, people like cold drinks, and also self-adjustment, but those with much dampness shouldn't drink an excessive amount of water, the white greasy tongue coating means heavy moist, the yellow and white greasy coating means inner heat and moist, along with the people who have a lot of dampness must not take an excessive amount of water.

2: Spleen donminates transformation

(1) Spleen transport water and grains: spleen digestion of diet and transmission of essense (nutritional ingredients).  Diet switches into the stomach, the stomach and the spleen digest together, water and grains are transported with the temper to any or all parts in the body to nourish the whole body tissue, TCM believes that "the spleen could be the foundation from the day after tomorrow."

(2) Spleen controls transportion of moist: can promote the operation and excretion of water liquid, as a way to take care of the balance of water and liquid metabolismof human body. People with dampness and high weight, if drinking an excessive amount of water, can result in wet sleepy spleen and stomach, should stop this kind of practice.

3: The spleen will be the way to obtain phlegm:

(1): Phlegm and dampness, lung failure, coughing.

(2): If heart-wrenching by dampness around the heart, treat with jiawei wendan decoction.

(3): If a lot of drinking of water, stomach lose its balace of operation, then vomiting, use pingwei san treatment.

(4): Dampness results in diarrhea, irresponsible drinking of water contributes to spleen and stomach being overloaded, too much moist causes diarrhea, treat with huoxiang zhengqi pill.

(5): Excessive drinking of water, water and moisture staying of the epidermis called edema.  Treat with pingwei sanhe wuling san, wupiyin plus as treatment.

(6): TCM believes that over-weight individuals are more damp, dampness makes people obese, countless patients with diseases of obese, like hypertension, heart disease and more.  Therefore, patients with obesity should pay attention to weight loss, must cooperate with the reduction of dampness and weight, fat loss will likely lessen the burden on the heart, as a way to achieve the purpose of curing coronary disease well. 

(7): The spleen dominates the principle limbs, drinking excessive water will make spleen less powerful, the limbs can be weak.

(8): Phlegm along with the flow of Qi, nowhere to be found, and spittoon condensation of globus hysteriocus (throat neurosis), cervical lymph node inflammation, and tuberculosis.

(9): Prostatitis, kidney stones are generated by inner heat in lower energizer, it requires diuretic drenching, but not to drink more water, with natural herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pills for treatment of stranguria , theurine might be smooth.

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