How to Choose the Right Toddler Pillow

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Several factors can affect your choice of baby pillow to purchase for your toddler, such as:


If your child is allergic to certain materials, you might want to find a hypoallergenic toddler pillow. Synthetic materials, while not ideal, are naturally resistant to molds and mildews. If your child has no allergies, you might prefer a more natural pillow.


The younger your child is, the firmer you’ll want the pillow to be. Once your children are a bit older, you can allow them to enjoy soft, fluffy pillows that weren’t safe for them as babies.

Ability to wash.

Make it easy on yourself. Look for a pillow that’s machine washable. Messes happen, especially with toddlers, and the last thing you need is a pillow that can’t be washed with the stomach bug visits.

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