It is simply absurd

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The issue isn't people running a play every down. It is the cheese that is annoying. Stretch/Dive-Formations, Rollout Corners and 7/8-Man-Blitzes that just should not work at a"simulation game". The simulation argument is really a joke. Would be even more disappointed with a simulation. If you telephone the perfect defense but your security fine are you is playing a zone rather than cover 3 and got his assignment wrong. You get burnt for a TD but it happens in Mut 21 coins real life so that are a simulation right?

Second, do really believe that out corner blitzes and stretch routes work or don't ever occur in soccer. It is simply absurd. No team runs them every play but that is because the team shit it down and would adjust. In addition you have that option if you want to do 30 minutes of research and get at Madden nfl. Game mechanics that are abusing has ever been part of Madden and any game for that matter. The ability comes in locating counters to what players do and every"cheese" mechanic has a counter.

Nice attempt, but your argument falls apart once you consider that EA has an license. They literally advertise cheap Madden 21 coins as SIMULATION football. You asked"do you want the players to make mistakes such as irl"? Umm.YES. Like in Franchise mode. Case in point: I would love to see newcomer players making"rookie mistakes". Would add value. But the styles that are different should be accessible. That SHOULD be simulation mode. But they ought to keep the mode available for the die hard sweats online. Online ought to have both options available.A 5-year extension has been Accepted by NFL owners with EA Sports for the league

Not one of them have played with Madden nfl. Open the license is great. Is $$$. Madden makes a lot of money, and also the nfl makes money from It without having to do anything.I imply that they do not let any cable businesses take NFL Sunday ticket when they might easily double what they're making now. I don't think that it's just about $$$. They've an obsession with making their brand seem like its a premium.Just look at that their TV advertisers are. It's all high end cars/trucks and dick tablets. Their target market is guys.

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