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The NBA has a soft cap at 109M. You may cover the cap only if you've got a players bird rights (there is a couple of exceptions but that is the largest one). "bird rights" are usually obtained when you have a guy under contract for numerous seasons. So I'll Attempt to describe with a real life case:

The cap was at 100M. Curry needed an expansion, and KD was a free agent. Warriors payroll was 70M. The warriors gave KD his contract brought up themselves into the cap, and since they'd Curry's bird rights, they might examine the cap with his extension. It wouldn't work if they gave nba 2k21 buy mt curry the cash 1st. A bit oversimplified but that is the gist.

Another example was that the Knicks plan with Porzingis. Since the plan was to wait a year till they had cap room they did not give him the max extension on Day 1. Then they could sign a max free agent and then use KPs bird rights to go over the cap. Going over the cap is to fielding the best team possible which is why cheap owners rarely acquire important.

I think that the Raptors have the very best chance, mainly since Masai has been plotting on it for a LONG time and it feels like he is gonna attempt to not be refused, but then again I do not find a realistic situation where he does not accept that super max unless the Bucks get absolutely pantsed again with a team at the playoffs. It'd be KD-esque to join the Raptors, clearly not as bad however the Raptors ceased hard him and they're the competition.

Not necessarily. KD joined the exact nba 2k21 cheap mt same roster that he had been up 3-1 against. Giannis would be joining a team that yes he dropped to 2 years past, but the celebrity had left. And this year, with most their players coming off that the team possibly might be losing players once did they not, along with the Warriors played? The hoops that need to be jumped through to make the movement of KD was worse than anything is lol that is incredible. Giannis would be joining the group who went on to win the title, not that dissimilar and beat on him. "The main celebrity had left" is somewhat misleading when we're still 46-18 on this season. And I really don't see any of those three departing, bar Gasol. Ibaka and FVV have both already openly said they will be re-signing, less or more.

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